La Maison

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Albert Oehlen:  Untitled  (2000)
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when will my master return from the supermarket
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Poppies in Butler’s Garden by Theodore Earl Butler
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Eileen Tjan
Self portrait
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Johann Friederich Wilhelm Herbst (1743-1807), a German churchman, naturalist, and superb artist, drew this illustration of the crab Cancer reticulatus for his book series Versuch einer Naturgeschichte der Krabben und Krebse… (Attempt at a natural history of crabs and crayfish…). In this three-volume work, Herbst illustrated and described crabs and crayfish. Thanks to their meticulous detail and coloring, the beautiful images endure as a useful scientific resource. 
See this and other illustrations from the Museum’s Rare Book Collection in Natural Histories: 400 Years of Scientific Illustration from the Museum’s Library.
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Jane Callister - Reach (2008)
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